We are traveling to Central Kerala in October to take in the rich culture and topography of the most beautiful provinces of India. We will hike the forested mountain jungle trails where the elusive Bengal Tigers roam and spend the day fishing in dugout canoes in the backwaters around Chochin adjacent to the open Atlantic. The one or two week experience will take you on an active journey full of amazing sights and  sounds like few places in the world can deliver. This is a very full slice of INDIAN pie. We are not just sight seeing this is a full emersion experience that is highly active demanding your full participation and open heart. We will explore yoga and ayurvedic traditions for healing mind body spirit.

This trip will be a refreshing reboot of energy and a fresh perspective on life and your purpose.


In the immortal words of Alanis Morissette in her song  “Thank-U ”  –she sings “thanks-you India ”

The song is Morissette’s reaction to the conflicted feelings she had after achieving success. In her VH1 Storytellers appearance, she explained: “I felt that I lived in a culture that told me that I had to consistently and constantly look outside myself to feel this elusive bliss. And I achieved a lot of what society had told me to achieve and I still didn’t feel peaceful. I started questioning everything, and I realized that actually everything was an illusion and it was scary for me because everything I had believed in was dissolving in front of me and there was a death of sorts, a really beautiful one ultimately, but at first a very scary one, and so I stopped. I stopped for the first time and I was overcome with a huge sense of compassion for myself first, and then naturally that translated into my feeling and compassion for everyone around me and a huge amount of gratitude that I had never felt before to this extent. And that’s why I had to write this song, ‘Thank U,’ because I had to express how exciting this was and how scary it was and all of these opportunities for us to define who we are.”

She thanks India in this deeply introspective song —