This is the place that I come from –My mothers father was raised in these waters and is the reason I am so intimately connected to all salty waterways on the planet. It just so happens that my partner in crime Tom Galiasatos  was raised on this island oasis of Kefalonia. Growing up his parents would take him back to their home in Greece far away from their Montreal life in Canada. He crawled all over this island as a kid with his cousins and friends – now he is making it his mission to do something good about sea-turtle conservation in the area. The southern beaches of Kefalonia are the home nesting grounds for the sea turtles that return faithfully every year to dig their nests and lay eggs in the sand.

We will be there to observe them in their yearly ritual and spend our time with the researchers who spend their summers there too in a conservation and research capacity. We will be spending most of our time on the water, on pristine beaches and hiking the surrounding hills. We will either be overnight camping or staying at nearby beach villas. Where we can take an active role in cleaning up debris from the fishing trade and general floating plastic waste that finds its way into the waterways.